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Steve Wolfhard

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May 24th, 2011

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08:42 pm - Psst, over here.
So, I haven't been active on livejournal for a long time, I am now officially over here at stevewolfhard.com. Put it in your RSSes!

Livejournal had been so great for my growth as a cartoonist and played a role in me meeting many of my closest friends. Unfortunately it doesn't meet my needs anymore, (with the its ads, spam-comments, and crowded interface). I seriously appreciate all of the support that other livejournal users have given me over the years, I hope that a lot of you continue to read my stuff!

Besides stevewolfhard.com of course you can still find me at catrackham.com and on my twitter.

ALSO, as of today my book Cat Rackham Loses It is being sold on the internet! How about THAT.

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